Real Estate Bird Dogging

Real Estate Bird Dogging – A risk free real estate education. The Tennessee Real Estate Titan, Justin Fields, talks about being a real estate bird dog in this first video of a three part series.  This video is an introduction into what a bird dog is/does, the money a bird dog can earn, and how we can partner together on real estate deals.  The right person chosen to be a bird dog on my team will be trained by me personally and learn how to partner to make money!

Follow the series to learn how to begin investing in real estate with no money, risk free, and skip all the steps that typical beginners encounter.   Don’t lose money trying to learn.  Get free training, find out how in the video.

Watch this quick video.  If you think that you could be the right person follow the instruction at the end of the video.  I will post the following series in the coming weeks.  The next video will cover marketing for real estate leads

Sign up to be interviewed for the open bird dog position here.  Remember, there is no risk in signing up and no commitment for signing up.  By signing up you are simply opting to be contacted to see if you fit our bird dog criteria.  There are no obligations, assumed, or other wise, on either party.  By entering your information on our sign up page you are electing to see if you qualify to be our next bird dog success story.  Sign up here.


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